Who We Are

The purpose of ARES—Amateur Radio Emergency Service—of Half Moon Bay is to provide emergency radio communications for the city of Half Moon Bay and surrounding communities when officially activated via the Half Moon Bay Police Department or other authorized agency.

Our Emergency Coordinator (EC) is Jay Melvin, WA6SBO.

ARES members volunteer their time and expertise to support public service agencies when normal communications facilities are not functioning or are overloaded due to planned or unplanned events. We also provide communications support for non-profit community events, which not only helps the community, but gives us live experience in handling traffic for agencies that might call upon us for emergency communications in the future. For more information about the role of ARES in national public service communications, visit the American Radio Relay League official page on the subject.

Where We Are

The ocean community of Half Moon Bay, CA is located approximately 25 miles south west of San Francisco on the Peninsula along the San Mateo County coastline. Nearby unincorporated communities include Pescadero, El Granada, Princeton-by-the-Sea, Moss Beach, and Montara. (map)


Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month from 7pm-9pm at the Half Moon Bay Community Center, located at 535 Kelly Avenue (one-half block east of Rte. 1, Cabrillo Highway). The public is invited. While an FCC amateur radio license is required for active membership in ARES, prospective amateur licensees are invited to attend meetings to learn more about amateur radio.

On-the-Air Net

The group conducts a formal net every Wednesday evening at 8:00pm (2000 local time) on the Half Moon Bay two-meter repeater. Check-ins are usually requested on a geographic basis around the Coastside. When you check in, please supply your amateur call sign phonetically, your first name, and whether you have traffic for the net (or simply "No traffic"). If you wish to function as Net Control, download the Net Procedure Manual (a Microsoft Word document).

Local Frequencies

ARES operations on the Coastside utilize several VHF/UHF frequencies. Two open repeaters (one VHF, one UHF) located in Half Moon Bay are available to all radio amateurs. During non-emergencies, local members and visitors are invited to chat away on the repeaters.

Designation Output Freq. Input Freq. PL Tone
WA6ASD 147.285 mHz 147.885 mHz 114.8 Hz
WR6HMB/R 444.900 mHz 449.900 mHz 91.5 Hz
(Simplex) 147.555 mHz 147.555 mHz (none)


The Half Moon Bay ARES group participates in several events throughout the year. In late June of every year, the group takes part in the ARRL Field Day event, setting up a temporary station at the Venice Beach parking lot over Field Day weekend. If you are a licensed amateur radio operator, be sure to come by to watch or even operate the station; if you're interested in amateur radio, it is an excellent time to watch amateur radio operations firsthand.

Members also volunteer to participate as communications facilitators for several local civic events and festivals. In recent years, the group has supplied communications for the annual Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival, Dream Machines (at Half Moon Bay Airport), and the pre-Christmas Parade of Lights. Information about upcoming events is provided at monthly meetings and weekly Nets.

Keeping In Touch

Half Moon Bay ARES has its own Yahoo Group (separate from this Web page), which is the way we issue email bulletins to our members and post the latest information about upcoming events, guest speakers at monthly meetings, and training sessions. All interested parties are invited to join the group and learn about our activities. Among noteworthy archive files are PowerPoint presentations used during formal emergency communications training given at monthly meetings in early 2006. You must be a Yahoo Groups member (free) to sign up. Then apply to join the group and tell us a little about yourself and interest in emergency communications for the Coastside.